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Take these broken wings and learn to fly


Hey you :) Well first my name is Victoria, I'm French Canadian but I also speak English and little bit of Spanish.

Football is my life, everything I do revolves around it.
All my heart goes to Real Madrid, they fill me with passion and love.
I also play competitive football as a left fullback, so it's logic that Sergio Ramos became my favorite player and just ajflkajsfa he's my heart. <3

Music wise my all time favorites are The Beatles and very close behind comes Enrique Iglesias <3
I also love Coeur de Pirate, Wisin y Yandel, Shakira, Guns n Roses and Alejandro Sanz.

Finally, other things that I fancy are: Disney classics, nature, green things, lemon, Iker Casillas' nose, surprises, hot tea, Spanish men and photography. :)

Feel free to add me, I'll most likely add you back since I love new friends !


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Rien ne dure pour toujours sauf ce que nous transportons dans notre coeur ♥.